Title:Top 10 Worst Pokemon Owned By Ash
Published:15 April 2017
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What is Ash Ketchum's Top 10 Worst Pokemon? Top 10 Worst Pokemon Owned By Ash is the topic of today's video and Ash ketchum has owned a fair bit of Weak Pokemon. So let me make this clear I am going to be analyzing the pokemons efficiency in battle and using that to figure out which pokemon are the Top 10 Worst/Weakest Pokemon Owned By Ash ketchum. If you guys enjoy the video be sure to leave a like subscribe and share this video with a friend.

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Pokemon Anime - "Route 4"
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Pokemon Black and White - "Accumula Town"
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Pokemon Diamond and Pearl - "Route 209"
Pokemon Black and White - "Dreamyard"
Pokemon Black and White - "Driftveil City"
Pokemon Black and White - "Opelucid City"
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - "Guildmaster Wigglytuff"
Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire - "Champion"


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