Title:2011 Buick Lacrosse Transmission Issues Part 1
Published:02 January 2012
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I have 7000 miles (1000 of which have been put on by GM Dealerships) on my new 2011 Buick Lacrosse and I have had issues with the transmission since 1000 miles. GM found trouble codes initially and they changed the TCM and reprogrammed the car. Unfortunately this has not fixed the problem. Now GM says there are no codes and everything is normal. Normal except when it is on an incline, the highway or whenever it deems time to shift. In this video while under normal acceleration the car seems to slip into neutral while changing gears at around 70mph before catching the slip and completing the shift. You will see the RPM's jump about 500 or so. At this time imagine accelerating and then slipping the car into neutral before putting it back in gear but when it is not expected. This happens repeatedly until the car either learns or decides not to do it any more. As you can see I videoed this not only with my camcorder but with my cell as well so that GM can see that the gear stays in D while in motion and not being moved.

The way I see it because my dealership and GM can not figure it out I am looking to you for help. I believe it to be a programming issue that gets confused between wanting torque and MPG. In videos to come I will show the erratic shifting or yo-yo-ing between gears at speeds of 38-45mph. When this happens the car actually bucks back and forth violently between 2 gears until it finds an appropriate one. This same issue can happen between the speeds of 70-80mph while passing or while getting on the highway.

If you have similar issues please let me know. GM has been helpful in concern and customer service but unfortunately they cannot fix the problem. This is not an issue I expected from my new $45k car.

Thanks for looking.


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