Published:25 August 2017
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The Palm Beach was an elaborate “spring-special” appearance package for the ’79 LeSabre Limited coupe. Palm Beach was only offered in white, accented with a midbody two-tone treatment in an exclusive color called Yellow Beige.  What really made the Palm Beach stand out were all of the other places Yellow Beige was applied. It was found on the door-handle inserts, B-pillar trim, bodyside moldings, and the standard wheel covers. The sides of the grille bars were finished in it, too—even the vinyl rub strips on the chrome bumpers were Yellow Beige in place of standard-issue black. Bodyside pinstripes in gold, and Palm Beach emblems on the B-pillars finished the look. The interior was decked out just as distinctively. The front 55/45 split-bench seat was Yellow Beige with the seating sections covered in button-tufted Palm Beach Cloth. The light-beige cloth had a textured surface decorated with a series of horizontal lines in differing weights and styles. The faux wood, the door panels above the armrests were covered in large sections of a light-colored appliqué that nearly matched the color of the seat cloth. The faux wood was also applied liberally to the dashboard and steering wheel. Options available were several different styles of wheels. Bright-metal custom wheel covers with Yellow Beige accents were standard. Wire wheel covers, Buick’s handsome chrome-plated five-spoke styled-steel wheels, and pricey genuine wire wheels were all available at extra cost. Mechanically, the Palm Beach was the same as any LeSabre Limited. Mostly, Buick’s 231 cube V-6 rated at 115 horses was standard. Most Palm Beach buyers likely chose one of the optional V-8s though. A Pontiac-built 301 or Buick’s 350 were most common, but an Oldsmobile-sourced 350 was the only V-8 on offer in California and high-altitude areas. LeSabre Sport Coupe’s turbocharged V-6 wasn’t available. It was reported that just 4,001 LeSabre Palm Beaches were produced and had a base price of $ 6,976. Thanks for viewing.


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