Title:1949 Buick Roadmaster - Louisville Showroom - Stock #977
Published:08 July 2015
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This 1949 Buick Roadmaster is for sale in our Louisville KY showroom. The post war period was a very exciting time for American car companies. From the rounded shapes to the excessive use of chrome one thing was for sure, excess was going to be a theme that would define this period in automotive history. This 1949 Roadmaster definitely follows that theme to the letter. The custom black and red paint looks like it might have come from the factory that way. It's not until the sun hits it just right does the candy effect of the red comes to life. The chrome on this 49 is in amazing condition and boy is there a lot of it. The front and rear bumpers alone are enough to blind you. The tube hanging off the rear passenger door is something not often seen. Referred to as a car cooler or swamp cooler. Basically it was a very basic ideal. Water stored inside the cooler evaporates and in the process transfers heat from the surrounding air pushing the cool damp air into the cab. These were extremely popular out west as this car is a true reflection of what you might see in California. This one has even been customized to match the theme of the car and is an extremely rare piece of automotive history. The interior has been redone as well with the red and black matching the exterior perfectly. As with the outside pretty much every aftermarket piece has been added. From the period correct soda bottle holders upfront to the miniature move trays in the rear this 49 is like a time capsule. Tilt the custom hood on either side and the original 320 cubic inch straight 8 has been detailed to show car standards. If it is not chromed it's painted there is even some bronze/copper work under there. This is truly a one of kind piece that would be a great addition to any collection. If you want to go that next car show and have everyone stop in amazement without taking out a second mortgage this car is for you. Options on this 1949 Buick Roadmaster include; AC, AM, Cloth/Vinyl Interior, Hub Caps, and Wide White Wall Radial Tires. . To view this 1949 Buick Roadmaster including an HD video, go to our website or call our Louisville Showroom at 812-294-1555 for more information.

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