Title:Front Wheel Bearing Hub Diagnosis and Replacement - Buick, Chevy, GM
Published:19 July 2014
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WARNING - Techniques described in this video can be dangerous. Don't attempt unless you have high confidence in your safeguards and equipment. I used a couple jacks to support the car, including a safety bar on the main jack, not seen in the video, so I had high confidence before I attempted the procedure. Most of the weight was supported from the front of the car, not the side behind the wheel. It's always best to use extra safety jacks when using a hydraulic jack, so don't take unnecessary chances with your life or property.

This is a detailed description of how to both diagnose and replace a bad wheel bearing. It takes you through all the basic steps and has a few helpful tips you not have anticipated. This is for a 2005 Buick LaCrosse, but the techniques will equally apply to most late model GM cars (Chevy Malibu, Impala, Etc.)

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