Title:2017 Buick Regal Unboxing - The Best Sedan GM Builds Today?
Published:15 December 2016
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For today's unboxing review we bring you the 2017 Buick Regal, a mid-size family sedan with European roots and may just be one of the best-kept secrets in the entire GM lineup. Bold statement, we know. What you need to know about the Regal is that it originally started out as the Opel Insignia, a very popular car in Europe. Opel, of course, is GM's European brand, so re-badging it as a Buick was easy as pie.

Power comes from a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder with 259 hp and 259 lb-ft of torque, with power going to the front wheels through a six-speed automatic (AWD is a $2,425 option). Looking at the Regal from the outside, it's clear this isn't just some cruiser-like mid-size sedan. No, this thing is a bona-fide fun-to-drive machine. The design is attractive inside and out and, overall, has a different attitude than the Chevrolet Malibu. The Regal is for those who not only want something a bit more premium, but also has a genuine sporty factor. And for a base price of just under $28k, you really can't go wrong. Enjoy the review!

Introduction: 0:10
Interior: 1:45
Dashboard design: 3:35
Touchscreen and connectivity: 4:00
Safety: 6:00
Trims: 6:30
How does it drive?: 6:55
AWD option: 7:20
What is Buick?: 7:45
Rear seat: 8:30
Cargo space: 9:00
Engine and transmission: 9:50
Engine start up: 10:20
Performance and fuel economy: 10:40
Base engine: 10:55
Exterior: 11:20
Pricing: 12:20
What's the competition?: 13:20
What do I like: 14:00
Don't like: 14:20
Conclusion: 14:40

Special thanks to Woodland Motors for letting us film the car. Check out their entire inventory at: